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Cloud Nine Wrist Rests - ErgoTKL Keyboard

Cloud Nine wrist rests are premium quality padded supports that easily mount to your Cloud Nine ErgoTKL split keyboard.

They feature a soft and durable vegan leatherette outside material that wraps a pressure-absorbing soft foam core. They are easily removed with the included adhesive Velco strips and can be wiped down for quick cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Tyge Goodfellow
Comfortable wrist rests

For the price of the keyboard, IMO the wrist rests should have been included. The wrist rests are easy to install and very comfortable when using the keyboard.

Andrew Charlton
I enjoy typing again...

I have been having issues with pain in my wrists and forarms at work for a while now. As a software developer, this is an issue. I had to find a solution. There is a bit of a learning curve if you're coming from a traditional keyboard because my hands are now in a different position. But i got used to it pretty quick. Its well worth the money and now I can also create various keybinds for different games too. Its really a great tool. Thanks so much Cloud Nine!!

Jon Nelson
From Mac's chicklet to this Beauty

This is my first proper "ergonomic" keyboard. The built-in keyboard on my macbook has been absolutely destroying my forearms. This Guy is SOOO much better. My hands and forearms greatly appreciate it. Plus, the amazingly fascinating numerous backlight settings are super satisfying.

Not yet recieved

Unable to put a review since I haven't received the package.

Cory Pendergraft
Great wrist rest, even fits the ErgoFS

As much as I’d like to see a version of this for the ErgoFS, the ErgoTKL version is close enough. This really adds a lot in terms of comfort for marathon typing or gaming sessions.