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Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard (FACTORY-RECERTIFIED)

Type in perfect comfort and speed with the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS – an ergonomic keyboard that’s engineered to fit you. The split design and genuine CHERRY® mechanical key switches make for a typing experience that’s both blissful and fun. You’ll blast through emails, code, or your favorite game with a smile on your face and total comfort under your hands.

FACTORY RECERTIFIED: Similar to an Open Box item, the “Factory Recertified” condition comes thoroughly tested and you can expect the keyboard to look and feel like new. “Factory Recertified” keyboards come with the same 2-year warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee.

Cherry® MX Brown
Cherry® MX Red
Cherry® MX Blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great mechanical alternative to the Microsoft Natural keyboards, but no Mac OSX software

I have used Microsoft Natural keyboards for 20+ years and have always wanted a good mechanical alternative. I decided to give this a try and I it is great now that I am getting use to it on my Mac. The main downside is the software is Windows only currently, so some functions don't work on a Mac (macros, combo keys, LED indicators for CAPS & Num lock, etc). I was able to remap keys and change the LED colors using a Windows laptop. The remapping and LED colors remained when hooking it back up to my Mac.
I got a refurbished unit with brown cherry switches and they all work well so far. The only defect I've found with the keyboard is the "Y" key won't change to the correct color. It can turn purple or blue, but no other colors seem to work. It's not enough for m to return it, so I am happy overall with the keyboard. I can't wait until they provide Mac OSX software for this keyboard.

Michiel Veldhuis
Expensive, but worth it.

This is definitely the most expensive keyboard I have ever bought, but it is worth it. After having tried several different ergonomic keyboards, but never being really satisfied with any one of them, I found this board, which seemed to tick all the boxes I needed for a good ergonomic keyboard, that I could also use for gaming. I am a big guy, so the ability to split the board, to accommodate the gap in between my arms is great.
Most other boards that are split, or are in any other way trying to be ergonomic, have weird layouts, or miss the numeric part, or have weird keys.
The last board I tried was a Microsoft one, but I kept hitting double keys, because they are all so close together. Not with this board. They keycaps have a nice shape that makes it easier to type and not hit double keys.
I have the feeling that I can actually type faster too, on this keyboard.
The software could do with a few tweaks to improve it, like changing the way saved profiles work, or letting the app minimize to tray at startup.

Now there are some downsides to this keyboard as well, but they are minimal. The left part is a bit wobbly, but that can be solved with another pad underneath. I'm not sure why this is a thing though.
The other downside is the noise of the mechanical keys. I knew this ahead of time of course, but especially with typing, it can be quite loud.
The plusside of course being that the mechanical keys feel 110% better than any other membrane keyboard I have ever used.
I even had a corsair mechanical board at some point, but that also did not do it for me. I forgot which switches it used, but it was a 'straight' gaming board anyway, so it wasn't good on the wrists.

All in all, it was a lot of money and a bit of a shame that I could only order this from America, but the shipping went alright and it arrived in good condition here in the Netherlands, so thank you very much for the quick shipping and proper packaging Cloudnine.
I hope this keyboard will las time a long time and that when it does eventually break or wear out, I will be able to get the same board again in the future.

Good keyboard

As a fan of the Microsoft Ergonomic 4000, I was interested in an ergonomic keyboard with cherry keys (the 4000's biggest downside). Typing is really good, although I'm still not used to the layout change yet. The only downside is that the keyboard palm rest is too low. The 4000 is much more comfortable in that regard.

Max Clark
Great service, great product

I'll start off by saying that I ordered this late on a Thursday and received it early Monday morning, so that was an awesome surprise. The keyboard itself is great. I have a desk where I sit in a corner without a keyboard rest and I type most of the day, so I needed something that broke apart. My MX Blues were also driving everybody insane. The keyboard came in great shape. Would definitely recommend, may buy one for home as well.

once you get a good keyboard

first keyboard had issues. help desk is slow to help and you'll need to stay on top of them. but when you do get a good keyboard their nice. ill update review in a couple months about how good the keyboard last.