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Cloud Nine 21 Inch Extra Long Linking Cable

Double the available width of your keyboard separation with our 21" keyboard linking cable!

These are custom cables with special pins that will only work for the Cloud Nine Keyboards.

Note: A standard USB-C cable will not work you will need one of these cables if you want to spread your keyboard out farther.

Customer Reviews

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Vaughn Griggs

Cloud Nine 21 Inch Extra Long Linking Cable

Great Keyboard Few Suggestions

I love this keyboard and don't regret buying it at all. The only reason I give it 4 stars is I wish it had additional tenting options. I know it would be a bit more of a challenge given the size of this keyboard but I think I'd prefer an increased angle. The left side would probably be easy enough to make, but the right due to its size would be the hard part with the 10 key. Maybe make it a seperate add on to the tkl, or find a way to make a hinged right side where the 10 key lays flat and the rest can be elevated? Oh and I'd also love if some additional wrist rests were an option. But yeah if it had extra tenting I'd give it a 5 star but as it is now it's a 4. Great but not perfect.

Amberley Riverstone

Cloud Nine 21 Inch Extra Long Linking Cable

Leisa Pastor

So I love the cloud nine keyboard. I don’t love how frequently a new joining cable has to be purchased. That’s it.

Ian Sivak
Very pretty and high quality

Ordered this because my Logitech Wave keyboard feet glue wore out, and wanted something pretty and equally functional. My expectations were low given this was the only RGB ergo keyboard I could find on the market so they could have shaved on quality, but I've actually been very impressed with the keyboard. The keyboard feels high quality - mechanical keys sound great and feel attached securely, and the ergo layout is very comfortable on my wrists. The RGB colors options are beautiful, I rotate between them constantly. Expensive product, but if you are willing to pay extra for an RGB ergo keyboard, you won't be disappointed with this one.