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Cloud Nine Wrist Rests - ErgoTKL Keyboard

Cloud Nine wrist rests are premium quality padded supports that easily mount to your Cloud Nine ErgoTKL split keyboard.

They feature a soft and durable vegan leatherette outside material that wraps a pressure-absorbing soft foam core. They are easily removed with the included adhesive Velco strips and can be wiped down for quick cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
No full keyboard pads

I had to buy the ErgoTKL pads which is suboptimal because they don't match the keyboard layout. Overall, they're ok but I'm thinkin of returning mine and using an aftermarket on.

Juan Valencia
Worst customer service ever!

I was initially excited to get the wrist rest for the TKL keyboard... until I noticed one of the was poorly manufactured (didn't contour to the shape of the keyboard surface at all!). No biggie, manufacturing mistakes happen... but then I tried to have things resolved by customer service. I've never had customer service ghost me until I had to deal with Cloud Nine's!! They must not have ANY internal QA process to make sure customer issues don't fall through the cracks. I doubt I'd ever buy anything from again, it's simply too hard to trust a company that ghost you. Sad because GOOD ergonomic keyboards are few and far between.

Jeremy Smelski
My Favorite Keyboard Thus Far

My favorite keyboard so far. I do wish the switches were replaceable. But it's a trade of I'm willing to make to get the rest of what this keyboard offers. It's just plain very well built and feels perfect for me. It's helping to keep my posture with the extra long split cord, which I highly recommend. Get a vertical mouse and learn to use it in the center while sitting up correctly and your posture and carpal tunnels will thank you.

Foot broke, didn't send enough replacements

I love the keyboard itself, but a foot broke within a couple weeks of using it. Customer service was hard to get a hold of and when I finally did, they said they would send me two replacements, since if one broke that quickly I think it's likely another will break at some point. They only sent me one replacement rather than two then have not returned my calls since.

Jason Kelly
Comfortable but not exactly what I expected

The wrist rests are comfortable, but I was surprised when I saw they were held on by adhesive and Velcro. If you're not really careful you could mess up the alignment when attaching. I also find that they move a little because of the way they are attached. While I am glad I have them, I think they are a little overpriced for what you get.